Jännerrost festival

10.01.2009, Kramladen, Kaiserslautern

>prague industrial festival<

noise central festival | edition III | dwaalspoor edition
ritual | martial | industrial | dark ambient | drones | noise | neofolk
friday 8 august 2008 | acu, utrecht |

21.00 - 21.45 >ahnst anders< [dark ambient | idm noise]

22.00 - 23.00 >terroritmo< [hypno-ritual ambient industrial]

23.15 - 00.15 >svarrogh< [traditional ritual martial neofolk]

00.30 - 01.15 leiche rustikal [ritual industrial | powernoise]

01.30 - 02.15 >flutwacht< [industrial | powerelectronics]

02.15 - 04.00 >dwaalspoor edition dancenight<

with resident dwaalspoor dj's: >dj distortedchaos< & >dj guillaume<
[ritual | martial | industrial | dark ambient | drones | noise | neofolk]

>noise central festival<

Tuesday, 19 February 2008, Milan (ITALY)

L’OCEAN, ambient elettronica ,>www.gp2servizi.it<  

LEICHE RUSTIKAL (DE)      industrial                      


Sound set for titanical ears

Noise, industrial, electronic, body language, ambient, experimental

Second edition of unconventional music set exploring the national and international panorama of a musical cave-like scene, mostly unknown but absolutely active and reactive; scene belonging to artists who perfectly represent the everyday life routine, projecting themselves to a far or close - who knows ? -allucinating future.

Each and every perfomed night flows among electonical music and pure noise, experimental and performance, ambient and industrial music, showing distant but original reality on a visual and musical level: even the most "traditional" listener will be captured.

Art direction  : ODRZ,On Tuesdays, 10 p.m., free entrance,BARRIO’S CAFE’,via Barona corner with via Boffalora, Milan (ITALY),02-89159255



24.02.2004, STATION II, with Epileptic Rootz and Niel Mitra

HEILIGE FEUER VI, 8-9.12.2006, Moscow, with Anthesteria, Radio Murmansk, The Protagonist, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Des Esseintes, I-C-K, A Challenge Of Honour, DJ JanaDark

>pictures from festival< by Egor Favorsky

>Pictures from the festival by AKINOM1<

>More pictures< photo credit: Bartosz Sarama / yesternight.pl

Poland 9.2005
28.9.2005, Club "Droga do Mekki", Wroclaw. Pictures Marion Darabas.

26.9.2005, - audio prformance to beginning of the multimedia festival "XIV Festiwal Inner spaces", Muzeum IF Inner spaces, Poznan.
Pictures Marion Darabas
Thanxx for technical support to Afrah Farah !

14.7.2005 - Dachgalerie, Domkagkstr.33, Haus 49, 21 Uhr: „Kein Effekt“, Live Visual Performance von Natalia Borissova, Angelika Bürkle, sounds Artur Zab. Live Experimente mit einem Videosignal, das durch das Gebrauch verschiedener Geräten wie z.B. Konverter, Adapter und Umwandlungen von Videoformaten gestört wird. Die generierten Irritationen und Störungen entstehen durch die Geräte selbst, ohne externes Material und Effekte.


9.7.2005 - Club Blackout , Rosenheim, mit Radio Murmansk und Disastours Din, >www.trauerpower.de<

Pictures Peter Da-Ros

02.04.2005 - "About ... visions", Last day of the Exibition "All about Domagk..." WhiteBOX, Munich, >pictures<

19.2.2005 - Kranke Musik für kranke Leute, Club Sedel, Luzern, Swiss, with Krankenzimmer 204, Jotta und Stupor, >pictures<

20.11.2004 - Gothic-markt, Munich, , videocollagen and photo exibition.

29.10.2004 - Steinklang festival, Monastery, Vienna, >pictures<

17.10.2004, 10 PM
Espace apollonia
Artur zab
Leiche rustikal : impuls, 40’

Artur zab : born in 1967 in wroclaw (poland) – today living and working in münich (germany). the musics he will propose, are from his second album… concerning the images, mostly coming from collages he did from his own photographic work, they deal with human being in relationship with his environment, with others, with the contrast between big cities and nature, with mythology and history, in opposition with the present… as he says : “i am also trying de react to political events by using different sequences extracted from internet, so as to show how media are dishonest”.

Festival of >forum-itinerant<

21.4.2004 - Multimediabiennale, , Pécs, Hungary, >pictures<

>more pictures from biennale in pecs<

24.4.2003 - Steinklang Rec. Festival Munization 2, Pulverturm, Munich, with Define, Atrox,DKF, Painslut.

>more photos from the festival<

29.11.2002 - The 3th Bleisound, Domagkgelände, Haus 50,"Raum 105", with Schloss Tegal, Violenta projekta, Dertoid, >stupor-arts<

30.8.2001 - Club " Gumowa roza", Wroclaw, with Mantis Religiosa, >video< , >for real player<

2. 2001 - Phase 1, >Dachgalerie<, Munich, Domagkstrasse 33, Haus 49, with Spenza, >pictures<

Esterhofen, 1993, "Ballroom", with Dive, >pictures<